week 40: a year of photos

a year ago today i started this blog. there are so many moments and little things i know i’m going to forget and i really wanted to capture those times to have something to look back on. i wouldn’t have as many of my childhood memories if it weren’t for the photos my mom took as i was growing up that bring them rushing back when i go through an old album. but then along the way it turned into a lot more than that for me. for a long time i shot in AV mode (which is basically half manual), about two years ago i switched to full manual mode and noticed a huge difference with my photos plus i have so much more control. it took me a while to not have to think about it and plenty of practice (i’m not very technical at all!) but for quite some time now i haven’t shot in any mode other than manual. i get so into the moment or trying to capture a mood when i’m photographing a subject i don’t want to have to think about the technical side so taking pictures on a regular basis helps me to not have to think, it just comes naturally. and who better to photograph than aya? right?!;) the thing i love about photographing aya is like most kids she’s so spontaneous and animated. but i also have to be really casual with my camera. i keep it down low and talk to her, get her laughing and quickly bring it up to snap a few shots. sometimes i don’t let her know i’m taking the photo at all and get some photos from a distance while she’s in her own world. i try really hard not to be intrusive because my camera and some of my lenses are already enormous and i don’t want her to start hating it. so i bring it out very quickly and same goes for putting it away. i’m proud to say i can count the number of times she’s been bribed for photos on one hand, i mostly just stick to encouragement. sometimes overenthusiastic encouragement but it works! here’s some of my favourites from the past year of photos with aya in her second year of life:        with looking back over the year it’s crazy how quickly it went and how fast aya grew. i’ve got a feeling three is going to be just as awesome as two so i’m going to continue to post a pic or two every week on here:)

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