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About little aya rain

hello! this blog started as a photo a day to document ayas' second year of life. i happen to think two is one of the cutest ages and i didn't want it to fly by and forget it all (i have a terrible memory). then three hit, by then aya had turned into my little muse and there was no going back. we've been documenting three on a weekly basis. thanks for visiting!

sunset splashes

here’s a few from the summertime which i am missing dearly. i must say i am looking forward to the all the beach trips i’ll be going on with aya and charlie this summer. i always take aya along location scouting with me and i always location scout pre wedding. aya is my test subject when i need to test the light. she was so good on this day from the summer that on the way home we stopped for a picnic on the beach and some sunset splashes in the water. it was a good day. and please excuse the chaotic order of this blog. i took a long break from editing during my pregnancy due to eight long months of nausea and then bed rest but i didn’t let it stop me from taking pictures!

dear baby

here’s a letter aya wrote for her little brother or sister:

dear baby,

baby, when you come out of mommy’s tummy i will read you a book. won’t that be so exciting?!

i will play with you when you are a little bit bigger. if you come out then we will play go fish.

and you might be my friend but i don’t know what you will look like and will you be a boy or a girl when you come out of mommy’s tummy?? aww man, that part drives me bananas!

love your big sister,