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About little aya rain

hello! this blog started as a photo a day to document ayas' second year of life. i happen to think two is one of the cutest ages and i didn't want it to fly by and forget it all (i have a terrible memory). then three hit, by then aya had turned into my little muse and there was no going back. we've been documenting three on a weekly basis. thanks for visiting!

sunset splashes

here’s a few from the summertime which i am missing dearly. i must say i am looking forward to the all the beach trips i’ll be going on with aya and charlie this summer. i always take aya along location scouting with me and i always location scout pre wedding. aya is my test subject when i need to test the light. she was so good on this day from the summer that on the way home we stopped for a picnic on the beach and some sunset splashes in the water. it was a good day. and please excuse the chaotic order of this blog. i took a long break from editing during my pregnancy due to eight long months of nausea and then bed rest but i didn’t let it stop me from taking pictures!

dear baby

here’s a letter aya wrote for her little brother or sister:

dear baby,

baby, when you come out of mommy’s tummy i will read you a book. won’t that be so exciting?!

i will play with you when you are a little bit bigger. if you come out then we will play go fish.

and you might be my friend but i don’t know what you will look like and will you be a boy or a girl when you come out of mommy’s tummy?? aww man, that part drives me bananas!

love your big sister,


halloween faerie

halloween faerie little aya rain

for halloween this year aya was a ballerina forest faerie. somehow she convinced us to spend three hours trick or treating and hit up two neighbourhoods. she was nostalgic for the old neighbourhood where she had been trick or treating since one and remembered how generous they were. hope you had a happy halloween!

heather trail

we decided that it would be a good idea to go on a family hike once a week this summer. taking the advice of a seasoned hiker i met on a previous hike we established that heather trail at manning park would be a safe bet with aya along. it seemed like a good idea at the time and then i spent a solid 5 minutes of the car ride there projectile vomiting until all the blood vessels around my eyes sockets exploded. i immediatly decided it would be the last hike of the summer and then back to bed rest and netflix. thank you pregnancy. and thank you jamie for being so kind as to pack aya, my camera equipment and all of the food and water. regardless of my first trimester blues it is very beautiful and i would highly recommend it as far as bc hiking goes. the best time to go is in early summer when all of the wildflowers are out (around july). this trail is known for all of its beautiful flowers and colours, we went up in august during the tail end when not as many were in bloom. next year i plan on checking it out a little earlier when there are more flowers out and who knows, maybe we’ll even find ourselves out for a family hike once a week!

mannning park aug 2014-4003mannning park aug 2014-4989mannning park aug 2014-4756mannning park aug 2014-4760mannning park aug 2014-4000

mannning park aug 2014-4002jamie was talking to aya all about being a big sister (there’s been a lot of talk of it around here lately) i caught her on my camera as she looked over at me for a second, clearly she’s very excited! ^^^

mannning park aug 2014-4758mannning park aug 2014 4787mannning park aug 2014-4809mannning park aug 2014-4718mannning park aug 2014-5007mannning park aug 2014-5012mannning park aug 2014-4922mannning park aug 2014 4919mannning park aug 2014-4906mannning park aug 2014 4978mannning park aug 2014-4959mannning park aug 2014-5026