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About little aya rain

hello! this blog started as a photo a day to document ayas' second year of life. i happen to think two is one of the cutest ages and i didn't want it to fly by and forget it all (i have a terrible memory). then three hit, by then aya had turned into my little muse and there was no going back. we've been documenting three on a weekly basis. thanks for visiting!

the beach

today was our first trip to the beach this year. it was also the first day of spring and felt like it too. the cherry blossoms are starting to come out and the sun was so warm. we visited some parks and the beach with some of our favourite people. tonight aya fought sleep for the longest time. i went into the room to give her extra cuddles and she said “tonight i have good dreams…and i gonna be there and alice and sonja and mommy”  I’m pretty certain she’ll have sweet dreams tonight.


apple farm

other peoples kids often take direction better than my own: “want to try relaxing your shoulders a little? give yourself a little shake…thats right…”

this is an old one from the fall, i took a break from editing this winter and have been getting back into it. because jamie works so much aya and i often take day trips out of the city with just the two of us and my camera. this one was to the apple farm. we bought jamie an apple pie from there since he missed out big time.