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apple farm

other peoples kids often take direction better than my own: “want to try relaxing your shoulders a little? give yourself a little shake…thats right…”

this is an old one from the fall, i took a break from editing this winter and have been getting back into it. because jamie works so much aya and i often take day trips out of the city with just the two of us and my camera. this one was to the apple farm. we bought jamie an apple pie from there since he missed out big time.


week 6: popcorn

rain outside and cartoons, blankets, friends and popcorn inside. alice looks a little frightened here but she’s just a little frazzled while trying to make sure she gets as much popcorn as aya (she’s a little foodie). the moms left them alone with this big bowl of popcorn for five minutes and when we came back in it was dumped out and all over the living room. oh boy. 

Week 3: iPhone

a few iPhone shots mostly from the past couple of weeks:1. a walk through the forest with hot chocolates

2. whispering in daddy’s ear

3. coffee shop

4. the forest

5. running all over the skatepark with dolly

6. choking mommy

7. pretend nap

8. swiss alps

9. family