salt spring island mothers day

today was the laziest day we’ve had in a long time. we woke up late and hung out at the cabin, went out for coffee, had a delicious picnic in a field of wild flowers, went for a walk and watched the deer grazing, went to the beach and had a bbq. it was a good day and a really good mothers day. 

mothers day

i decided that all i wanted for mothers day this year was to be with my family by the ocean. we’re heading out to a cabin on an island for four days (I’m extending mothers day for as long as i can get away with here) but for now here’s some photos from this spring of me and aya plus one of our favourite fellow mother daughter duos…happy mothers day all you moms out there and especially to sonja who is always one of the first listed every time aya talks about her friends; thanks for always putting in the effort even on my lazy days, we’re so happy to have you two in our lives:)

the beach

today was our first trip to the beach this year. it was also the first day of spring and felt like it too. the cherry blossoms are starting to come out and the sun was so warm. we visited some parks and the beach with some of our favourite people. tonight aya fought sleep for the longest time. i went into the room to give her extra cuddles and she said “tonight i have good dreams…and i gonna be there and alice and sonja and mommy”  I’m pretty certain she’ll have sweet dreams tonight.